RTSMQ. Your Data, Delivered. Guaranteed.

Guaranteed Data Delivery

RTSMQ is designed to simplify the exchange of information between business applications across your enterprise. RTSMQ delivers a comprehensive, reliable Messaging solution designed to make it straightforward and easy for programmers to send information across your network between business applications.

RTSMQ was developed for high volume messaging and was written to get the most out of your hardware investment. It guarantees the quick delivery of information across your enterprise in a manner that minimizes the load on your servers and network infrastructure while also ensuring the integrity of your data when it arrives. RTS is confident that you will find RTSMQ greatly increases your productivity in the development of network enabled business applications.

The Benefits of Message Queuing

  • Guaranteed Delivery of Information

    Messages sent via RTSMQ are guaranteed to be delivered and will survive network, system or program failures which most home grown applications would not be able to recover from.

  • Keeps your Business Responsive

    RTSMQ provides a solid flexible infrastructure for moving data in your enterprise, allowing you to create sophisticated message enabled applications.

  • Fast and Simple Program Development

    RTSMQ Hides the complexity of your network and operating system from your business.

  • Allows you to Focus on Your Business Mission

    Frees your time by simplifying network communications and allowing you to focus on delivering business solutions.