RTSMQ. Your Data, Delivered. Guaranteed.

Features of RTSMQ

In addition to the guaranteed delivery of messages, the RTSMQ message queuing system offers a rich set of features which sets it apart from its competitors. The following is a partial list of features provided:

  • Built In Data Compression

    RTSMQ comes with built in data compression which maximizes the use of your valuable network bandwidth. Compression is not only fast, but will out compress WinZip“s "Best" compression when only in "Fast" mode.

  • Smart Transmission

    RTSMQ has intelligent transmission technology which allows a partially transmitted message to resume transmission exactly where it was left off. This saves time and network bandwidth at times when the network is unreliable.

  • MD5 CheckSum Validation

    When a message is transmitted to a remote server, RTSMQ will guarantee that every single byte of the message is valid and intact. The software uses a sophisticated RSA MD5 algorithm to compute a check sum value on every message that is transmitted. This value is used to make sure all your data is correct once it arrives.

  • Priority Message Delivery

    Messages have priorities which will allow higher priority messages to get to their destinations faster than those with a lower priority.

  • Scalability

    RTSMQ was built to allow you to quickly expand your messaging backbone to multiple servers if throughput demands are high.

  • Delayed Message Processing

    This feature allows a message to be transmitted to a remote server now, but remote applications will not "see" the message and cannot process it until you decide it is time.

  • Low System Overhead

    Compared to competing products, RTSMQ uses substantially less server resources while still offering features some competitors don“t have.

  • Multi-Threaded Architecture

    Allows for quick processing and takes advantage of multi-processor systems. Most competitor“s products have many executables running on your server. RTSMQ only needs one.

  • Web Based Administration

    Allows the entire system to be configured remotely using a simple browser based administration tool called MQAdmin.

  • Transactional Support

    RTSMQ has built in transactional support which allows application programs to start a Unit of Work and either Commit or Rollback that Unit of Work across multiple Queues simultaneously.

  • Simple COM based API

    RTSMQ can be completely controlled from within the Visual Basic programming environment which allows for quick easy program development.

  • Rock Solid Reliability

    Allows you to write business applications with confidence knowing your messages will survive program, system or network failures with data intact.

  • Message Delivery Confirmation

    Allows you to easily determine when and if your message reached its destination. This feature lets you receive notifications back to the sender for arrival, delivery, and exceptions such as an undeliverable message.

  • HUGE Message Handling

    Right out of the box, RTSMQ is built to handle up to 50,000 per queue and messages that are up to 2 Gigs in size each. This combined with logical message grouping and chunking technologies allow transmission of files or other data in excess of 1 Terabyte in size!