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dataXform - Fast, Reliable Data Tranformation

With critical data being stored in divergent, often incompatabile business systems across your enterprise, you know how costly and time consuming data communication and system integration can be. Thankfully, there's dataXform, the rules-based data transformation engine. Think of it as a universal translator for your data, allowing your systems to quickly and seemlessly integrate with your existing data infrastructure, and with each other, no matter how your network is laid out.

Facilitate System Integration & Communication Like Never Before

Using easy to configure rules, dataXform elimintates the traditional data incompatibility hurdles of system integration and communication by allowing controled, automated data transformation. These rules utilize sophisticated pattern matching to determine which data feeds are of interest to the engine and to define the behavior required to process that data.

Maximize the ROI of Your Existing Systems

The dataXform engine can tranform virtually any data feed from any source, allowing you to fully utilize your existing systems while allowing for expansion with new systems in the future.

Supported File Systems
  • Windows (all versions)
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • AIX
  • OS/390
  • OS/400
  • i5/OS
  • Solaris
Supported Data Formats
  • XML
  • fixed-width data
  • delimited data
  • Excel spreedsheets
  • mainframe legacy formats
  • SQL Databases

Future-Proof Extensiblity With Native Scripting Support

Built-in scripting support ensures that dataXform not only meets the needs of today, but the needs of tomorrow as well. Written in Javascript or VBScript, these scripts offer complete control over the tranformation logic and mapping of your data.

Leverage Existing Middleware With Built-In Message Queue Connectivity

Built-in message queue connectivity merges the proven data delivery of message queuing with the power and flexability of dataXform. With native support for both RTSMQ or MQSeries messaging services, dataXform can be deployed across your enterprise to ensure your data is always in the form you need it to be in - regardless of the source.