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SignEngine - Print Anything

SignEngine is at the heart of the printing system. SignEngine is the component of the RTSSigns.com suite which is responsible for rendering the signs.

Using predefined XML based templates and powerful scripting, SignEngine merges content and data on the fly to produce fast accurate output. SignEngine can directly generate both PDF and Postscript without the need for 3rd party drivers.

SignEngine can read content and data from virtually any source of data, including XML, ASCII files, legacy flat files, or any SQL compliant database. SignEngine can be used in tandum with SignManager or be utilized as a stand alone print engine within other applications.

SignEngine has the most sophisticated capabilites of any engine on the market.
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  • Full Unicode 4.0 compliance with support for bi-directional text and East Asian vertical layout
  • Plug-In based software architecture for easy upgrades and reduced cost of implementation
  • Driverless Printing - Direct PDF and Postscript output without the need for printer drivers
  • Built in scripting support using industry standard Javascript
  • High quality barcodes with over 90% compliance with EVERY aspect of the specification. All major barcode types supported.
  • Scaleable multi-threaded service oriented architecture (not multi-process)
  • Extremely accurate grid fitted text layout with "To The Pixel" accuracy
  • Automatic Size Text to Fit with Min/Max ranges
  • Flow text around images