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SignMaster - The Complete Content Management Solution

SignMaster is a thin browser based content management solution. Using an intuitive workflow process, your buying and mechandising teams are given a repeatable, proven way of getting accurate content to the field on time, every time. By integrating with your existing new SKU setup procedures, SignMaster ensures that buyers have content ready before the product arrives at the store.

Connect With Your Customers Using Localized Signage

SignMaster offers unparalleled control over your content allowing for exciting, targeted signage opportunities never before possible. By setting up Themes and Concepts, your merchandising and marketing teams can send location specific content and rollout signage changes to select stores. Millimeters or inches, Yen or Euros, a Thanksgiving Day sale or a Boxing Day one. Taylor your signs to your customers' needs and connect to your customers like never before.

Ensure Quality with Comprehensive Workflow Tools

With SignMaster, SKUs and products categorized by departement, class and subclass, are automatically sent to the appropriate buying team's work queue. Once content has been entered, it must be promoted through your customized approval process before it can be sent to store, reducing signage mistakes and allowing for increased accountability.

Eliminate Errors with Sign Previewing

SignMaster has built in signage preview capabilities so each sign can be viewed at every approval level, ensuring proper signage content before the sign hits the store. Simply select the language and sign type to use and hit Preview. Because sign templates are dynamic and can change depending on the data used, SignMaster offers the ability to preview using one or more "Data Scenarios." Each scenario can outline real world conditions such as promotions, clearance, bulk pricing, mail-in rebates, instant rebates and more. This gives the copy editor the ability to see exactly what a given SKU will look like in the field once pricing data becomes available.

Easily Integrate Vendors Into Your Workflow Process

By integrating with your extranet, SignMaster allows your vendors controlled access to your signage content and workflow process. Depending on your relationship, vendors can be tasked with entering content such as product description, features and benefits; or they may be involved in the actual approval process, meaning they must approve the sign before it is sent to the stores. All of this is easily configurable on a vendor-by-vendor, or even product-by-product basis.