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SignStation - Powerful, Flexible and Simple

SignStation is a browser based application that utilizes your existing hardware and network infrastructure to easily and rapidly deploy branded, error free signage. As a thin client application, SignStation can be run from any networked workstation in your store with no installation required. Designed to be powerful yet intuitive, SignStation saves you time and money while allowing for complete control over the printing process at your stores.

Streamline Your Signage Processes

SignStation integrates seemlessly with all RTSSigns.com components as well as your existing data structure to streamline your current signage processes. Automatic overnight printing means signs are already printed and waiting when your employees need them. Signs are printed in the right quantites and automatically grouped resulting in significant reduction in wasted stock. Built-in logic saves your employees time by printing the signs in aisle and plan-o-gram order, allowing quick, efficient resigning with just one pass through each aisle.

Work With Your Existing Signage Procedures

SignStation was designed from the ground up to easily integrate with your custom signage procedures, allowing signs to be automatically printed with no user interaction. Rebate, Sale and Promotional signs can all be auto-printed as needed, as can the replacement signage once the promotion is over.

Utilize Plan-o-Gram Data to Its Full Potential

With exceptional built-in support for your plan-o-grams, SignStation not only allows for easy new store setup and periodic plan-o-gram resets, but also for plan-o-gram based printing. This means all the signage for one or more plan-o-grams, even the entire store, can be generated with one click of the mouse. And, of course, those signs will all be printed in aisle and plan-o-gram order, so resigning is quick and efficient.

Organize Your Signage

SignStation organizes the printing of signs and reports into "Sign Groups," allowing your employees to easily access the signs they need when they need them. Sign Groups can be pre-generated automatically to support daily or weekly corporate price changes or they can be quickly hand generated by store employees by entering in the SKU or product code, or by scanning the product with a handheld device. These Sign Groups are named and can be organized into categories such as "Store Groups" or "Corporate Groups" for easy retrieval. SignStation provides a single, easy to use access point for all your signage needs.

Intuitive, Hassle-Free Printing

SignStation eliminates the headaches and technical training typically associated with sign printing. With RTS's advanced Load Stock prompting system, there's no more worrying if the right stock is loaded in the right tray the right way, or that the printer is functioning properly. SignStation monitors the status of all printers in real time and automatically provides image based prompts with explicit instructions and a picture whenever new paper stock is required for printing or when a printer error, such as a paper jam, has occured. This allows even the newest employee to be fully productive without draining other personnel resources. And real time print progress means employess know not only when, but how long until they will need to load new stock or until their print job will be finished.