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SignHQ - Complete Sign Configuration

SignHQ is the single access point for configuring and personalizing RTSSigns.com to the needs of your business. From setting up printers to assigning sign localization to running phased rollouts, SignHQ does it all with a simple point and click interface.

Manage Your Entire Chain

Using a single application for store management, you can fully configure and personalize the RTSSigns.com system to the needs of your business. Built-in wizards greatly simplify the once tedious tasks of new store setup, sister store associations and printer setup. Printer selection rules automatically determine which printers are available to which workstations in your stores. And, should a store ever have a problem, SignHQ's single-click disaster recovery allows downed stores to be brought back in a minimual amount of time, without having to send your support staff to a remote location.

Localize Signage With Sign Zones

SignHQ allows you to logically group your stores into zones. Zones are defined to enable changing the look and feel of your signage for different stores based on language differences, restrictions in consumer laws, or other business needs.

Manage Sign Types & Stock Types

SignHQ allows you to define new sign types and stock types on a zone by zone basis. This allows certain stores to use certain sign types which others cannot. Sign stocks can be given a specific printing sequence to maximize printing efficiency.

Control Changes Through Native Versioning Support

Each change that is made in SignHQ can be assigned to a specific sign version. This allows controlled rollouts of look and feel changes across your chain of stores as well as rollback capabilities. With a distributed configuration, these changes can be made without the need for traditional software rollout.

Save Time With Automated Printer Setup

SignHQ allows for the complete management the printers in your stores. With SignHQ you can define which printer models are available to the new store setup process. In addition, sophisticated printer control commands can be entered in PJL, Postscript or Hex which are used at print time to control paper tray selection or other device specific behaviors.

Define Powerful Business Rules

Using a powerful multi-dimensional matrix, SignHQ can be used to dynamically control the selection of sign & stock types at printing time. This matrix allows your output to reflect the flexiblity your business demands by responding to data conditions and producing the right kind of signage at the right time.